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Emma Rae's latest single 'Kids These Days' expresses her concerns for the younger generation

Putting into words the bewilderment many of us millennials feel when we look at GenZ, Emma Rae explores the sympathy she feels for the younger generation in her larger than life pop-rock track 'Kids These Days'. While sometimes making playful digs at their behaviour, ultimately the ferociousness behind the track's energy is directed at the society that facilitates such an unnatural environment for children to grow up in.

Emma Rae in her own words about the new single:

“Kids These Days is about the frustration I feel when I think about the kind of world the kids of today are growing up in. I teach music to kids on the side and hearing some of the stuff they think about and go through on a daily basis feels so far removed from how I grew up. Social media plays a massive part in this, they all seem to grow up so much faster than I did. The awkward stage seems to be completely bypassed and the level of maturity needed is much higher than it once was. Its a nostalgic feeling while also feeling anxious, frustrated, and kinda angry. I won't deny there's a small jab at GenZ culture in there as well but it's all in good fun.”

Check out the new track below!


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