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Etoile Marley Releases Sensual New Single: 'Moonlight'

Etoile Marley is a really unique artist, because her sound is far from being the average pop formula. While the elements of her recent single “Moonlight” are arguably rooted in the production aesthetics of modern pop, there is also so much more to it than that. For one thing, she has some unique reggae influences, which also explore Dub and DanceHall vibes very seamlessly! As a result, the song isn’t just catchy and memorable, but it also has a lot of rhythm and it is the kind of track that is going to make you want to dance to!

I would highly suggest listening to Etoile’s new song if you do enjoy any music that has rhythm and flow. The thing that makes this release quite special is the fact that the song matches some of the best qualities you would expect in a modern pop song. It is kind of heartfelt and personal, but also universally appealing for the audience!

Find out more about the amazingly talented Etoile Marley, and listen to Moonlight, which is now available to stream:


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