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Etoile Marley's EP 'LockItDown' Is Truly Delectable

London based singer/songwriter Etoile - with origins from Australia and France - has now released her EP ‘LockItDown’ (also the name of her last single). Taking her inspiration from artists like Dusty Springfield, Jeff Buckley, M.I.A and Portishead, Etoile’s music is infatuated with pop culture, surrealism and Rap and often described as Dark Pop meeting funky Rock with an incomparable tone and lower register in her voice. With the goal of being a songwriter for other artists in addition to writing, co-producing and releasing her own music, Etoile surely knows what she aspires to achieve in the future. Her previous experience as a performing artist gives her an extraordinary confidence on stage and makes her a remarkable performer throughout.

Being a dancer, actor as well as a circus performer in the past, Etoile has been teaching and performing on a national and international level with her own dance and circus business ‘Beebop Arts’. In the early stages of the UK Lockdown, Etoile felt the desire of wanting to write about it in some way. Initially the feelings were marked by frustration with ‘a bit of doom and gloom’, as Etoile describes, creating a slightly more rocky HipHop track with last single 'LockItDown'. Collaborating with producer Academic throughout the EP changed the project into another direction. Listening to the jazzy riff in one of the demos fascinated Etoile and from there they developed the sound further by adding horns to the track and writing the rap for it. ‘LockItDown’ is one of her favourite tracks from the EP that she has (co) written so far and Etoile tells that she looks forward to perform the acoustic version live.

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A taste of Etoile Marley, watch her video for her EP's fifth track:


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