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Exceptional indie artist Conal Kelly releases unforgettable new single 'Really Don't Like You'

Armed with a signature sound that's best described as pop meets indie, Conal Kelly is an emerging artist that needs to be at the top of your radar. Back with the latest release 'Really Don't Like You', this addictive new offering specialises in optimistic energy and distinctive vocals from the songwriter himself. Priding himself in his ability to produce and recorded entire songs independently from the comfort of his home studio, Conal is certainly an artist to watch out for.

Sharing his thoughts on the exquisite new single ‘Really Don’t Like You’, Conal explains, “To put it simply, this is a song about disliking someone for no apparent reason. I feel it's quite a relatable subject, where something about a person's behaviour just grates on you... in my case, clearly, enough to write a three-and-a-half-minute pop song about it. I managed to write and record the whole thing from start to finish on my own in 48 hours, and it really opened the floodgates for a bunch of other music that followed. So in that sense, I owe this song (and the annoying people it's written about) a thank you... but I somehow doubt I'll be reaching out to let them know.” Stream 'Really Don't Like You' now and be transported into Conal's golden songwriting.


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