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Exploring Love and Vulnerability: Makenzie's Enigmatic Journey Through Music

In a burst of creative brilliance, Makenzie unveils her favorite track from the forthcoming album - a song that emerged as a ray of sunshine after the storm. "Anémone" speaks of love and healthy co-dependency, igniting the desire to embrace each new day. It serves as an ode to the beloved, celebrating the love that resonates within our hearts. However, like the delicate anemone flower, after which the song is named, it too can wilt without warmth, losing its vibrancy and closing in on itself during times of solitude and rain. This song is a heartfelt dedication to Makenzie's best friend, Sugar.

Born out of a childhood fascination with ghosts, Makenzie is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Danyka Boileau-Bonaduce. Immersed in tales of otherworldly spirits, she found solace in the mysterious and unexplained. As the pandemic swept across the globe, coinciding with personal loss, Makenzie felt herself detached from her body, drifting above it all. Guided by the allure of the unknown and souls in limbo, she renamed herself in honor of Sir Georges Mackenzie - a spectral figure of great renown. Through these dark legends that linger in her thoughts, Makenzie finds catharsis, using them as a vessel to exorcise both inner and outer demons, paving the way for renewal and transformation.

With a wealth of experience accumulated over the years - opening for renowned artists such as Cœur de pirate, Kandle, Sabrina Halde, and Émile Bilodeau, and achieving acclaim in competitions like Ma Première Place des Arts in 2021, securing accolades such as a residency at studio B-12 and the Best Stage Presence award by MaTV - Makenzie emerges as a formidable presence in the Quebec music scene. She stands before the world as a blank canvas, ready for a fresh start, armed with a diverse range of musical influences and experiences.

Makenzie's forthcoming album promises a captivating fusion of alternative pop, skillfully blending nostalgic elements from the late '60s, '70s, and early '80s with contemporary sensibilities. While paying homage to the past, her music remains relevant and distinctive, characterized by her unique voice and unapologetic exploration of challenging themes. Despite the darkness that permeates some of her songs, there is an undeniable light that shines through Makenzie's music; a light that boldly asserts its presence and breathes life into her multifaceted artistic expression.


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