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  • lauryverdoux

Exsonvaldes Returns with "Party People": An Anthemic Reflection on Modern Society

After a hiatus spanning over five years, the French trio Exsonvaldes is back with their latest single, "Party People", heralding their highly anticipated upcoming album, 'Maps.' This talented group of mathematician rockers originally met during their engineering studies in Paris, and their unique musical identity is deeply influenced by their astute and scientific background.

"Party People" serves as a pivotal point in Exsonvaldes' musical journey, which spans from the 1990s to the present day. The track, along with the forthcoming album 'Maps,' is both self-referential and firmly rooted within the pop genre, drawing inspiration from every decade of pop music since the 1970s.

The track unabashedly satirizes the excesses of nightlife, presenting a chaotic vision of today's world through a mix of irony, indie pop, and anxiety. Their upcoming album, 'Maps,' was a labor of love, written, recorded, and produced nearly entirely by the band's three members. Only the mixing was entrusted to an outside ear, Etienne Caylou. Over the course of just over a year, Exsonvaldes crafted a well-tuned indie-pop gem, poised to find its audience.


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