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Fam Band Drops 'Day on Mars' (featuring B. Stille of Nappy Roots)

Fam Band rings out of the nasty 'Nati (Cincinnati, Ohio) bringing a bit of midwestern class to garage band grime-pop. Join us as we take a proper listen to this entrancing new track...

This is a feel-good and fun track with tons of energy, complete with gripping vocals. We adore the melodic rap part, and it's lively vibe. The song is captivating and sure to pull you in with its quirky chorus vocals and piano. One thinks to Twenty One Pilots on this. It's an unapologetic single from Fam Band, and proves the sheer versatility of this band. The otherworldly lyrics will resonate with the dayd dreamer within you and transport you to a glorious escapeland, further enhanced by the raucous guitar part that comes in towards the end of the track.

The band explains the meaning behind this remarkable new single:

"The song describes an interspecies romantic escapade between a Martian born Don Juan whose ancestors were Earthlings and a beautiful Earth born woman who is taken aback by her Martian lover's fine red spread."

Hear 'Day On Mars' for yourself:

The beat was made by Cincinnati based producers Jordon "Frankly Speaking" Schneider and Edwin "O.E. Bangerz" Chisley. Shredding guitar supplied by Johnny Alfi of the band Peephole. Mixing and mastering by the super talented Alex Lakis.


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