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Finding Freedom and Purpose: Stefan West's "Take What You Need"

In the coastal city of Geelong, Australia, a musical visionary by the name of Stefan West graces us with a new release titled, "Take What You Need". This track serves as a compelling introduction to Stefan's forthcoming debut album, "Cambridge". With a fusion of alt-rock, indie-rock, and pop-rock elements, Stefan West's music takes listeners on a captivating journey through candid storytelling. "Take What You Need" dives deep into the human experience of giving oneself wholeheartedly to various situations, only to be left drained and betrayed when expectations aren't met. Amidst the emotive lyrics lies a soul-searching question: "Can't you see we're all the same?" Stefan West pleads for understanding and recognition that, beneath it all, we are all striving for freedom and purpose.

Behind the music of "Take What You Need" lies Stefan West's personal odyssey of resilience and redemption. His life took a tumultuous turn as he grappled with addiction, feeling trapped and isolated in the darkness of his struggles. Yet, amidst this desolation, music emerged as his saving grace, offering him a lifeline to express his pain, confusion, and eventual triumph over adversity. During his recovery, Stefan turned to meditation and yoga as tools for self-discovery and inner healing. These practices became essential in his quest to reclaim his life and find newfound purpose through his music.

The creative process behind "Take What You Need" was a cathartic journey for Stefan. Collaborating with Aaron Schembri, he channeled his emotions and life experiences into the song's evocative lyrics, capturing the essence of his personal battles and triumphs. The recording and production, masterfully handled by Chris Gatz at GM Sound Studios, bring out the raw emotions embedded within the song. Stefan West shared, "This song was actually written while working a trade job around 3 years ago in the beginning of COVID. I remember climbing up and down a ladder to voice note different lines of the verse. I then fleshed the song out further with Aaron Schembri, before going in to record it with Chris at the end of 2021."

Stefan West's music is a direct reflection of his life's ups and downs, with "Cambridge" serving as an intimate exploration of his journey to recovery and self-discovery. While his musical influences include bands like Blink 182, The Killers, and The Rolling Stones, it's Stefan's authenticity and vulnerability that truly set his music apart. Beyond his musical pursuits, Stefan is an advocate for mental health awareness and addiction recovery, utilizing his platform to inspire and uplift others facing similar struggles.


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