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Finn Doherty's Revelatory EP "if you're bored of this city"

Photo credit: Alec Jafrato

In the labyrinth of London's pulsating beat, Finn Doherty emerges as an explorer, guiding listeners through the raw tapestry of urban life with his debut EP, 'if you're bored of this city'. Crafted with meticulous care and mixed by the talented Lavar Bullard, this seven-track odyssey delves deep into desire, self-destruction, and the quest for identity amidst the city's relentless chaos.

Doherty's journey is one of profound introspection, encapsulating a pivotal moment in his life with an exquisite blend of romance, longing, and existential questioning. Through evocative visuals accompanying six of the EP's tracks, he transforms fleeting emotions into tangible experiences, inviting audiences to navigate the labyrinth alongside him.

At the heart of this release lies "Your Love Won't Take Me Home", a poignant acoustic gem that lays bare Doherty's vulnerable soul. With crystalline clarity, he captures the bittersweet realization of unrequited love, offering solace in shared experiences of longing and acceptance.

As Doherty unveils his musical manifesto, he blends a rich tapestry of pop, indie, and electronic elements in tracks like "Call It Off", "Figure It Out", "KMU", and "Drop My Guard". Through his fearless exploration of lust, heartache, and solitude, he emerges as an authentic voice in London's bustling music scene.

Upcoming live dates:

10th May 2024 - Hoxton Cabin, London (EP launch party)

24th May 2024 - The Rumsey Wells, Norwich

25th May 2024 - HMV Norwich in-store gig (3pm)

21st June 2024 - Albion Nights Gig, South Norfolk

22nd June 2024 - First Light Festival (Sunlight Stage)

26th July 2024 - Latitude Festival (The Alcove Stage)

Beyond the stage, Doherty's creative spirit knows no bounds. From captivating live performances to his vibrant interview series, Let Me Introduce..., he's carving out a space for genuine connection and artistic celebration.


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