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First Play: Nikhil Iyer delivers rich and memorable Indian-Pop single 'Sanam (don't go away)'

Nikhil Iyer is on a mission to bring together the genres of Indian and English/Pop music. Possessing a vocal that lends itself to both so seamlessly, Nikhil has an undeniable charm and presence with his precious and meticulous approach to songwriting as a whole. Building a loyal fanbase from both audiences, his next single is 'Sanam {don't go away)' will be one for them to cherish.

Opening in an English-pop fashion, Iyer has no trouble in finding those pop-woven melodies that catch the year immediately. Amongst the atmospheric string section, he then switches to the Hindi language that all Indian listeners will be familiarised with, reminiscent of the great Arirjit Singh. Iyer then makes it his own entirely with his acoustic richness, his layers of Hindi beats and his signature tonality to make for a song that is unique in its musical pastures. Nikhil Iyer has created an individual, yet all encompassing branch of music that will appease both sets of listeners and much, much more.

“Oh love, oh my love, don’t go away from me.” These lyrics are not below the surface by any means, but they bring to light a very desperate feeling in a lover’s heart. This song talks about the hopelessness that builds within you when you fall in love with someone, knowing that you can’t live without them, knowing that you’re afraid to live a life without them."

Stream 'Sanam (don't go away)' now:


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