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Fist of Five Releases ‘Sparrow Road’

Fist of Five is an explosive group from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and this

band is inviting you to take a trip down ‘Sparrow Road’. Fist of Five

is punching its way through each track with hard-hitting rhythms, vocals

and guitar riffs. With a mix of modern music and classical & theatrical

elements, Fist of Five is energizing the music scene with this new

release. Heavy metal and hard rock clash with this invigorating style

that Fist of Five has created on ‘Sparrow Road’.

The album includes six, powerful songs and each one having its own,

unique identity. Get ready for “The Dance (Radio Edit)” as Fist of Five

will knock your socks off! A lot of emotion is pouring out next on

“Can’t Be Over” where it all hits you like a ton of bricks. “Can’t Be

Over” has a BIG impact on the listener with lines like “My angel died

today” and has you rooting for Fist of Five all the way. You will be

saying by the end of the track that it just “Can’t Be Over” and that it

can’t end like this. Prepare for the title track next, “Sparrow Road”,

where Fist of Five is laying it all out on the table and urging you to

“spread your wings”. As you travel down “Sparrow Road”, the narrow path

opens up and displays true meaning and purpose.

Also, be sure to check out the official music video for “Sparrow Road”

right here:

On track four, “Imperfections”, one will experience the heaviest set out

of all six tracks where Fist of Five is getting you pumped up right from

the start. The “Imperfections” are real and heavy notes are hitting you

from all directions. Next is “Can You Hear Me Now (Radio Edit)”, and I

can honestly say I hear you loud & clear FOF. The lyrics on “Can You

Hear Me Now” speak volumes on an emotional level and stand out as being

very sincere and direct. Fist of Five still has plenty to say by the

end of the record on “My Friend”. This song offers substance galore on

a higher level, so listen closely to “My Friend” and pass along.

Fist of Five has received airplay on more than 40 college/non-commercial

radio stations across North America. I am highly impressed with this OK

band as they play with a fierce amount of energy. I am very excited to

see where Fist of Five heads next after ‘Sparrow Road’ because I feel

the journey has just begun. By Jimmy Rae


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