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Fo Daniels Shares New Bonus Tracks From His Latest Album

Following on from his 10-track album 'Imitation Roses' that was released earlier this year, indie-rock artist Fo Daniels returns with two brand new bonus tracks. "Promises" and "Portrait of a Morning" are both live acoustic songs that showcase a more stripped-back sound that Fo stunningly executes.

Fo Daniels shares with us the inner workings behind the track 'Promises":

“This track is a stripped-down, acoustic live recording. The day before I released my album, I went back into the studio to cut a couple bonus tracks that serve as an easy listening contrast to the rest of the album, which is very much full band rock and roll. This song is a more tender, more lyrical song that I think adds depth to the repertoire.”


Stream the two new songs below:


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