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Frank Follows Evolve with New Track "Hey!"

Frank Follows' new single "Hey!" is poised to make a significant impact on the indie-rock scene.

With their debut album Flight Thoughts, Frank Follows established their presence in the indie-rock genre but also set the bar high for any future releases. "Hey!" does not let us down.

Lead singer Adrian sheds light on the song’s meaning, describing it as a "shout into the void hoping to get an echo." It reflects a universal longing to be heard and understood amidst the chaos of life’s uncertainties. Adrian’s candid expression of this sentiment adds depth to the song, making it resonate on a personal level with listeners who may relate to the desire for clarity and connection. The drum line in "Hey!" acts as a grounding force, providing a rhythmic foundation beneath the song’s light and airy choruses. This juxtaposition of upbeat melodies with introspective lyrics creates a compelling listening experience that draws listeners into the band’s introspective world. Despite its infectiously sunny and catchy nature, "Hey!" carries a profound message of vulnerability and self-perception in each refrain.

Listen to the brand new ‘Hey!’ Here

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