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Gavin Fox gears up for debut album with new, hit single - Lay Down Low.

Instead of succumbing to the fear and anxieties that can cripple our lives, Gavin Fox is challenging the mental health status quo with a warm and empowering track, ‘Lay Down Low.’

The Irish singer-songwriter is gearing up for his debut album, Awakened, with the release of his most inspiring and upbeat track to date. Lay Down Low tackles the negativity in our mind with an ensemble of strings, acoustics and indie-rock-inspired beats and rhymes.

With folk influences guiding the track, Fox delivers a powerful, galvanizing message about rising up to overcome the challenges within – watching that spark set alight and glow with a ray of positivity and optimism.

The near-three-minute track teases enough for the listener to get hooked – with an accompanying music that encapsulates the essence of the song and its message – in anticipation for what has yet to come from Fox and his debut album.

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