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Get Enchanted By Uniqueness' Single 'Omnipotent Resolution'

When you come across a band called Uniqueness, there’s only one thing you’d expect. Them to be, well, unique. Well, luckily for us, this duo made up of Heiress and Azia are anything but cookie cutter. They offer up a celestial sound, swimming in spacious synths and satisfying percussion. It’s ethereal, engaging and totally immersive — and there’s a special name for it too. S.K.A.T.E trance may be new to me, but it might just be a game changer for my daily soundtracks going into this year. Uniqueness create music that boasts the brevity of Sound Kinetically Apprehended Through Experience. In layman’s terms, the sound of the earth is felt through walking the journey of life. Pretty poetic right? Well, their music is too.

‘Omnipotent Resolution’ is a stunning single-meets-short film from Uniqueness. Heiress’s vocals sail over a synth wave soundscape, washing over with an enchanting ethereal air. The gentle harmonies become hauntingly beautiful as the track goes on. They meet Azia’s vocals in the ether of their sonic landscape and instantly intertwine. Azia commands the track with a wonderful confidence, bringing an empowering energy into the mix. The trance-like nature of the beat below is, well, hypnotic. It may be repetitive, but this allows space for the angelic ad libs from Heiress and Azia’s vocals refrains to vibrantly colour the track. The subtle shifts in vocals lures you further and further in to Uniqueness’s hypnotic hooks and harmony. Whilst it’s hard to know where the single starts and stops within the short film above, this perfectly quirky film epitomises the essence of Uniqueness - they love their music, they love each other. We love it all.

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‘Omnipotent Resolution’ is off Uniqueness’ Album, AS YOU LISTEN EPHPHATHA, LISTEN HERE


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