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Get To Know: heyiloveyou

heyiloveyou is a one-man experimental, ambient, post-rock, trip-hop, electronic project from Croatia. Started in 2020 by its only member, K (production, guitars, field recordings, programming drums, beats), the project refuses to sign a record deal and continues to be as experimental as possible, followed only by intuition and driven by all the amazing underground artists out there. The project’s name is something we all seem to be afraid to say directly and always find different ways to show it in a more subtle way...

Tell us about the inspiration behind your latest track, the experimental electronic single Night Drive!

I feel like listening to music while driving and listening to music while browsing the web on your computer at home are two very different things. When you're driving, you want something smooth, not too distracting - but at the same time, not something that will make you sleepy. So, this track was really made for those relaxing night drives on the open road. Plus, I made sure people don't fall asleep because there is a LOT of bass in this track – the track will definitely keep you awake, even after a 5-hour drive.

What's the music scene like where you're from? Croatia right?!

It's pretty much the same as everywhere else - If you make music to make people dance, you'll maybe be able to make a living doing it. If you make music for people to think about, you'll need to make money somewhere else and make music in your free time.

However, if you ever find time to visit Croatia in the summertime – don't think twice about it. It really is stunning.

Who are your top 3 influences?

See, this is a tricky one – I feel like influences don't really have to be exclusively bands that you sound like, I mean a good movie really influences me and makes me go pick my guitar. As far as the music influences, my main ones are Pink Floyd, post-rock/ambient legends Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and then when it comes to electronic music, I really like Massive Attack.

Do you have to be in a certain mood to write?

I'm just a lazy «passive income guy» who waits for the inspiration in his bed and then gets up to make a beat/drum part, plays the guitar over it and figures out the rest along the way… But once the inspiration kicks in, I'm working on a track 24/7. Because, let's be honest – the tracks we made, they live forever – we have to try to make them as unique as possible, and try not to mess up the production.

Have you always enjoyed fusing genres together?

Pretty much. I mean, mixing genres is fun… It's kinda natural to me, probably because I listen to everything from Franz Liszt, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, trip-hop giants like Portishead and Massive Attack, I like post-rock bands, a lot of metal, some rap (the lyrical rappers, of course)… So, you're like «yeah, that heavy guitar riff is cool, but why don't we add a trap beat over it?»

Do you have a favourite track from your album?

Can't pick the favourite child.

Who is the best band you've ever seen play live?

Roger Waters, and it's not even close - The Us + Them tour. The man put on a show, he truly is one of the greats. Even if you don't like politics and his anti-Trump propaganda, it was visually stunning and the band was flawless - really liked the extended version of the Comfortably Numb solo.

What’s in store for you for the rest of 2021?

A new experimental single played on an acoustic with a very provocative artwork is coming in the next 2 months. After that, we'll see… Hopefully I'll still be around, considering I've been only eating at McDonalds' for the past 2 weeks.

Last but not least, to everyone reading this – music is not a sport. Don't rush things. Wait for the inspiration, enjoy the process of making a song.

heyiloveyou's latest track 'Night Drive' is out now to stream & download on all major digital platforms:

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