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Grace Amulet debuts empowering dark pop offering ‘Hades’

Grace Amulet is on a quest and invites you along on the journey. Inspired to begin the craft of songwriting at an early age, she learned piano, and experimented with recording her songs, developing an ear for her own style. Following years of working independently as a musician, Grace made waves on the local music scene and eventually got the attention of Love Conquered Records (LCR). Grace is now ready to share her first official release ‘Hades’ via LCR, which will lead up to her debut album release this summer.

'Hades' encapsulates the themes of disillusionment and liberation from societal constraints. This anthemic track speaks directly to young women burdened by societal expectations, delivering its impassioned message through a fiery alt-pop soundscape coupled with thought-provoking lyrics.

Speaking about the meaning behind the new release, Grace shared: “ It means so much to me. I grew up feeling like I had to be the 'good girl' archetype, and once I hit my mid-twenties, and a bunch of things in my life crumbled disastrously, I moved to a big city and started to embrace messiness, burned down all the boxes I felt crammed into as a young woman. For me it's a girl to lioness song, about coming into my own as a woman, about growing out of caring what anyone thinks or expects of me.”

Listen below:


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