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Hailing from London JP. Kazadi fuses R&B and Soul with his new tracks ‘Closer’ and ‘My Angel’.

'Closer' is a culmination of sampled beats and live studio instruments, creating a solid background for JP to lay his vocals over. This backing allows the lyrics to float above all else and become the main focal point for the track.

‘My Angel’ is a lively, warm track with afro beat influences perfect for the hot weather. The warmness of the track is supported by a distinct tropical feel running though the instrumentation and rhythm.

With these tracks JP. Kazadi shows us how to create a unique and clear sound with minimal instruments and layers. This is a skill he utilises very well and uses it to allow his vocals to breath and have the space they need to resonate.

A rapidly growing fanbase and a growing style JP. Kazadi will no doubt carry on perfecting his style and will be one to keep an eye on!


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