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Hannah Johnson’s 'Lifetime' EP Is A Journey Through Genres

Hannah Johnson is back, and she's brought a transformative soundscape with her latest EP, 'Lifetime'. After making waves with her soulful retro-pop debut ‘Slow Motion’ and the rock-infused follow-up ‘Mine’, Hannah’s five-track EP solidifies her place as a genre-bending force in the music industry.

Hannah’s love for music blossomed early, with her talents spanning drums, guitar, and piano. She honed her songwriting and production skills in college, driven by a high school revelation of her gift. In 2023, she dedicated herself to realizing her dream of becoming a professional singer-songwriter. ‘Lifetime’, crafted last September and recorded during the holiday season, marks a significant milestone in her artistic journey.

The EP is an exploration of self-discovery and authenticity. Through melodic journeys and insightful lyrics, Hannah’s captivating vocal delivery shines. Each track is a testament to her commitment to only releasing music that speaks to her true self. The EP’s catchy songs and compelling productions highlight her adaptability and unforgettable sound.

Hannah’s unique appeal lies in her ability to blend pop, rock, R&B, soul, and hip-hop elements. With influences from Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, and Michael Jackson, she creates a sound uniquely her own. ‘Lifetime’ is an appealing listening experience that showcases her raw genuineness and entertaining acoustic twangs.

‘Lifetime’ is a project that I’m super proud of and excited about,” Hannah shares. “It’s truly been a life-long journey to get to this point of releasing music and following my dreams ‘out loud,’ so the title is definitely fitting. I’m looking forward to sharing the EP with the world and seeing how folks react to the record.


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