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Hannyta Releases Fierce New Single 'Wildflower'

Hannyta (real name Hanna Olah) is a 17-year-old singer and songwriter based in the UK. Originally from Hungary, the talented young starlet grew up in Scotland. Having released a string of cover songs, Hannyta has now released her debut original track 'Wildflower'. It hit Top 5 on the international iTunes charts. No wonder because it is truly a gem of a song, with a fierce core...

The 80s-style drums give a retro feel, whilst a stand-out lead vocal will sweep you off your feet. ‘Wildflower’ is swimming in stellar songwriting, made all the more enchanting by Hannyta's vocals. Hannyta boasts a beautiful quality to her voice with an innate ability to be raw and candid with her storytelling, both sonically and visually. The mesmerising video for 'Wildflower' is the perfect accompaniment to such a colourful and rich track. It’s clear that Hannyta is not afraid to embrace all the sides of her artistry and for that we are completely grateful. ‘Wildflower’ swings between themes of empowerment and vulnerability, confidence and anxiety. It’s a track rooted in the universal teenage experience, all wrapped up in folk-pop goodness.

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