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Head Fake Drop Collaborative Club-Inspired EP

Head Fake are a force to be reckoned with - a trio of semi-anonymous musicians and producers who create a unique blend of retro synths with modern sound design. They record across studios in London, New Jersey, Los Angeles and Miami. 'Head Fake Vs Dub Fu Masters' is a collaborative EP, for listeners to get an entrancing club-vibe experience. Go check it!

This 3-track EP takes club-lovers back to the feeling of a sweaty, crowded room. Oh, we're all longing to get those nights back. At least we'll be a step closer listening to this! Dub Fu Masters quickly joined in on Head Fake’s sonic vision. They all want the album’s upbeat sound to allow listeners to feel similar emotions as they would in a club setting.

The EP's opening track 'One Step' is an 80s-tinged pop with a hypnotic lead vocal, a techno drum beat and undulating synth melodies. It's got some gorgeous vocals that come in closer to the end of the track too, adding a totally other edge to this Pet Shop Boys-esque track. The otherworldliness continues with second track 'Trump Funk', this time featuring guitars and a house beat. 'Overjoyed' hits hard with a modern Depeche Mode twist.

Link to the EP HERE

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