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Hey-Zooz - Keep it 100

Gaining attention from Grammy-Award winner Craig King, Hey-Zooz is certainly on the right path to stardom. Storming onto the Atlanta hip-hop scene with performances during 2019 Superbowl week, Hey-Zooz has been going from strength to strength ever since. Back with new single ‘Keep It 100’, the infectious new single commands a dancefloor with the spotlight firmly on Hey-Zooz.

“Keep It 100 is what we all want in any relationship. In relationships all we want is the other person to be honest and keep it real and at the time my relationships didnt feel like it had the honesty that I wanted,” explains Hey-Zooz - an artist on a mission to change hip-hop forever.

Mysterious, contemplative and sleazy, ‘Keep It 100’ reels you in with its playful manner. Based on the biblical story of Samson and Delilah, the beat was further made by Micah “Play Play” Cohn and Juergen “Juergyuno” Williams in Hey-Zooz’s home studio.

Listen to the single here:


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