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Hologram Boy Drops “SINAPSI ATTIVE” - feat. Miss Virtuality

You're never going to believe your eyes or your ears on this one... a song and video like no other. Hologram Boy takes glitchy, kooky graphics and a techno-inspired gaming dance-pop to the next level. This is music like no other, that's for sure. Prepare to be surprised.

Who is Hologram Boy, you might ask? Well, if you haven't yet heard of this diverse artist, you're missing out! An artist who explores the wild depths of virtual reality and all the fun and risks of the metaverse, his song is a snapshot of a frenzied pop paranoia. With a good helping of irony, you're sure to find solace in this crazy musical and visual space. This is HOLOGRAM BOY's first single and is produced by renowed tv series composer Claudio Ottaviano (S.I.A.E.) and features the vocals of the great Miss Virtuality, girlfriend of the artist.

Check out the wacky video for this track below, and grab a taste of what Hologram Boy is all about. Witness frantic dancing in a blinding yellow wig, cobbled together junk fashion and a tongue-in-cheek sprinkling of sexiness. This trippy sonic adventure is sure to shake you out of your slumber...

“SINAPSI ATTIVE” is now available on all streaming platforms too, so what are you waiting for?!

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