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Hotel Ugly is an ongoing accumulation of musical creations self produced by American Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mike Vince. Hotel Ugly gained worldwide recognition during the pandemic when Mike released his first demo “The Ugly EP.” Since then, it absolutely exploded, with millions upon millions of listeners and streams on Spotify, currently sitting at #315 in the world. Singles such as ‘Shut up My Moms Calling’ have garnered the attention of a global audience, with Mike’s chilled, fresh and unique approach to songwriting turning the heads of almost everyone.

It’s crisp modern indie pop, mixed with R&B and chilled hip-hop beats, and Mike’s standout vocal that has seen Hotel Ugly become one of the biggest names in the industry, and recently entered the Billboard Hot 100 with

‘Shut up…’. Blowing up on TikTok too, Hotel Ugly are also a viral sensation in the social media world, all helping to the ever growing success.

He now begins 2023 with melancholy indie jam ‘Action Figures Fighting’. The song steers into a slightly newer sonic direction for Mike, whilst still holding the same qualities that all his followers will still hold dear to them. Mike’s vocals really take centre stage with the layered harmonies throughout ‘Action Figures Fighting’ with the Spanish guitar chords a constant driving force that instils that fun-filled and good-natured aura that make HotelUgly such a pleasure to listen to.

Mike says on the creation of the song, “My producer friends and I were all goofing around in the studio one day when we all grabbed an object that made some sort of sound and started jamming. We shook, tapped, jiggled and strummed these objects and instruments until we created this beauty that we now call Action Figures Fighting.”

It’s clear to see why Hotel Ugly has achieved what he has, blending together indie and pop sensibilities in this new found offering, showcasing their musical flexibility and nuance. If they have a bigger year than last, then ‘Action Figures Fighting’ will be at the forefront of it.


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