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Ian Huschle Releases ‘I Didn’t Know’ Taken From His New Album ‘Had a Vision Once’

Colorado indie-rocker, Ian Huschle is back with his new single ‘I Didn’t Know’ taken from his new album ‘Had a Vision Once’. The follow up to last month’s single ‘Chores’, Ian returns to his hugely effective genre blending soft grunge/ acoustic/ indie-rock sound. A prolific songwriting with an uncanny ability to create moody, melancholic and yet hugely impactful soundscapes, the album is packed with varying moments, from grungy acoustic melancholy to Bon Iver-esque moments of beauty with saxophone and piano. Self produced recording every instrument himself, Ian describes his music as “smudgy and beatific”. With 5 albums already under his belt Ian has found his sound and has perfected his craft.

‘I Didn’t Know’ is another great example of how to pack huge amounts of creativity into a short, understated track. A rhythmic muted acoustic guitar line, soft drums, and Ian's gentle, breathy Sufjan Stevens-style vocals establish a melancholic mood as a pitched-shifted guitar line adds a bright top line. Akin to the likes of the lighter, more acoustic of Smashing Pumpkins’ work, ‘I Didn’t Know’ is rich in emotion, musicality and also restraint, doing only what is necessary to fit the track’s needs. Speaking on the new single Ian Said: "I Didn’t Know is about a friend, family member, oneself - could be anyone - who’s really shrunken themselves. It can be hard to know what support looks like to struggling people sometimes; hard to know how much you can be supportive and how much is out of your control. Nothing too original probably. I think that’s what I was thinking about, kinda was just trying to make a cool song though and seeing what ideas/moods came up." The new single ‘I Didn't Know’ and the new album 'Had A Vision Once' are both out now, listen below:


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