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If disco vibes are your thing, don’t pass up onMARQelectronica’s new release: Savage Times.

May 2022 - Sometimes, we want music that makes us think. Other times, however, we want music that just feels like escapism: music that will give you an opportunity to release some tension and just dance away the night! This is most definitely the case with the new release from artist and producer MARQelectronica. He has recently unleashed a fantastic studio album named “Savage Times.” The artist came up with this piece of music as a reaction to losing his father. This was a very tragic experience, but it gave him an impulse to make music that connects darker themes with positive sounds, creating a very interesting contrast that feels just as authentic as the dichotomy that is life itself. We all go through happy and sad times, so this release feels like a genuine representation of humans and their connection with music, especially as a way to cope with the bad days and find some hope for the times ahead. In addition to the inspiring message, the production is also stellar!

The album will be released on 1st July 2022 on all streaming platforms!

Find “Savage Times” on your favorite digital streaming services on 1st July 2022, and listen to MARQelectronica’s music!



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