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Indecent Proposal releases new single 'Feeling Good'

The artwork for Indecent Proposal’s single “Feeling Good” animates a

tongue that’s just about to lick a tasty ice cream cone. (For those of

us with an ice cream vice, this image is the exact representation of

what makes us feel so good). However, it’s more than just this tasty

dessert making the singer of this song experience joy.

The song is sung over a mostly acoustic guitar rhythm, although the

vocal sounds a lot like contemporary rap/R&B. Yes, this is an odd sonic

juxtaposition, but it works. In fact, it sounds a little bit like when

they used to have those unplugged concert videos on MTV. In other words,

it comes off like an R&B song performed in an unplugged format. One

could easily hear Post Malone putting a song like this one on an album.

In addition to the strummed acoustic guitar rhythm, there is also a

sweet acoustic guitar solo, too.

The singer announces, “I love it when the sun shines down on my face.”

It’s as though he’s describing the perfect summer day. Hence, the ice

cream image fits so perfectly. Granted, it is possible to have a great

day even without good weather. Nevertheless, a sunny day just makes it

that much better.

Sonically, this fourpiece may remind you of Hootie & the Blowfish. That

group often took a lighthearted approach to life. Just enjoying the

pleasures of living. Similarly, this track presents Indecent Proposal as

a kind of goodtime, outdoor festival-ready party band. The lyrics even

reference getting high, which also fits the overall feel of the song.

(It also further explains the need to snack on something like ice




There are plenty of problems in the world today, with more than enough

good reasons to have bad days. Heck, with the pandemic, we all had

approximately two years of bad days. It goes without saying, we all need

a few good days. We have reason to celebrate life, especially since so

many of us lost loved ones during Covid. This is like a ‘coming out of a

period of gloom’ song.’ Let’s get out of the darkness, and back into the

light. True, the world is not a perfect place. It never was. It never

will be. Even so, a lovely summer day that just puts you into an

unexplainably good mood is not a thing to ever ignore. As they say,

don’t ever look a gift horse in the mouth. If the good lord blesses you

with a good day, just be thankful for it. Count your blessings and try

not to wonder why. In other words, just go with it.


In contrast to the band’s name, Indecent Proposal, these well wishes for

good times are anything but indecent. Rather, it is most decent and

noble to spread a little sunshine around with music. This is a summer

song, yes, but it can also be your weekend song. Just knowing that you

have free time and you don’t have to go to work is reason enough to be

glad. Don’t worry, as the old hit song advised, be happy.


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