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Indie-Pop Artist Blaque Rose Drops EP 'Super Natural'

When asked what inspires him to create music, Blaque Rose states, "my love for music of course." This is nowhere more apparent than in his new EP 'Super Natural.' The indie-pop singer-songwriter hones in on the sentimental as he depicts an ethos of another era within this eclectic EP. Self-professedly creating “expensive” music, Blaque Rose wanders through the themes of love, loneliness and the big world around us as he curates a body of work which speaks to many different experiences. Whilst overflowing with catchy hooks, thick synths and pulsating drum beats, ‘Super Natural’ fuses elements of electronic, punk and pop whilst remaining grounded in Blaque Roses’ expertly constructed soundscape. Employing the production talents of Nicole Ranalli and the slick engineering expertise of Will Chason, Blaque Rose’s versatile and dynamic vocal presence is elevated as his melodies swim in a landscape of nostalgic synths.

The single from this retro-indie EP, ‘Silver Train,’ kicks off the collection of sentimental bangers with a vibrant start. Evoking vivid imagery of fleeting loves - the kind of passing crushes we all have on that random person on the bus - Blaque Roses’ vocal transcend his notions of insecurity within this topic, as his unwavering, unique tones are carried by a driven drum line. Accompanying this 3 minute and 40 seconds through Blaque Rose’s psyche, Brandi Meadow’s beautifully brings Rose’s infatuation fantasy’s to life. Employing childlike imagery like picking dandelions and teddy bears, Blaque Rose’s sentiments are furthered into a visual space as we are reminded there is something very human about this polyamorous tendency.

Preceding the groove-anthem “Funky Vibe,” Blaque Rose’s latest venture showcases seemingly never-ending facets to his artistry. Accumulating rave reviews and appealing to dedicated fans worldwide, its apparent Blaque Rose’s momentum is unstoppable. Whilst making retro sounds and nostalgic synths fresh with his own unique style, Blaque Rose’s innovation and subtle genre-fusing is securing his place as one of the most exciting up and coming musicians breaking through right now.

On June 24th, indie-pop songwriter, musician and producer Blaque Rose was interviewed by London’s fantastic presenter, producer and DJ Kamilla Rose. This was aired on instagram channel BEAM (@Beam.ig). Kamilla has been aired on Red Bull Music UK, KISS FM and Foundation, a female-led online station. The pair spoke about the latest release of Blaque’s new EP, which dropped on 14th February 2020 - such a romantic date to choose for a music release right? Watch that interview here:

Listen to latest EP 'Super Natural' HERE & watch the video:

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And for more info on Kamilla Rose, find her here: Instagram


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