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Indie-Pop Artist stella. Releases Title Track From Upcoming EP ‘A Study In Balance’

Rising singer-songwriter stella. takes centre stage once again with the release of the title track from his forthcoming EP, "A Study in Balance." Drawing from a diverse pool of influences ranging from Leonard Cohen to Brandi Carlile, stella. weaves together personal lyricism and finely crafted indie soundscapes to create a captivating musical journey that delves into the depths of life, love, heartbreak, and growth.

"A Study in Balance" serves as a testament to stella.'s ability to blend authentic storytelling with infectious indie-pop sensibilities. Inspired by a late-night biking accident through the streets of Brooklyn, the track explores existential themes beneath a playful indie-pop melody. Through introspective lyrics and evocative melodies, stella. invites listeners to contemplate life's dichotomies, from light to dark, rain to shine, and love to loss. 

Reflecting on the track's themes, stella. shares profound insights, reminding us of life's fundamental truths—that true appreciation arises from experiencing the juxtaposition of opposites. This sentiment resonates deeply within the soul-stirring melodies of "A Study in Balance," offering listeners a moment of introspection and contemplation.


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