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Infinite Eights share indie-pop tune ‘Melody’

Indie-rock trio Infinite Eights from Tampa, Florida have returned with a brand new single titled ‘Melody’! The new offering is an airy indie pop tune brimming with New-Wave reminiscent synthesizers and driving guitars.

In their own words about the new single, Infinite Eights shared, “The lyrics describe the experience of becoming sapped of all artistic creativity upon the loss of a muse, aptly named "Melody." Unsurprisingly, this makes for a song ripe for a play on words. The second verse sums up the track quite well thematically: ‘A refuge, a reservoir, a refrain that echoes in every bar. A muse in every heart; she's come and gone.’”

The track was mixed by Billy Bush, a multi-Grammy nominated American record producer, audio engineer and mixer known for his work with Garbage, The Naked and Famous, Neon Trees, Julia Stone, Fink, Foster the People, Muse, Natasha Bedingfield, Jake Bugg, Ilse DeLange, and The Boxer Rebellion.

Listen to ‘Melody’ below:


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