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Interview With NYC Talent Onzieb

NYC talent has just dropped his new single "Beautiful" featuring KItty J available on all streaming platforms. We delve a little deeper and find out about the artist's inspirations, songwriting process and more...

Firstly, who is Onzieb?

Hello, I'm Onzieb, I'm a songwriter/producer/engineer based in Manhattan NYC! I moved here from Virginia around 3 years ago, which wasn't an easy decision at first, but It's on e decision that I'm glad I made!

You must be inspired by the insane music scene in NYC?

I immediately fell in love with the music scene here. Just seeing how hard everyone works to get their music out there (from open mic's, to seeing musicians play their music in the subway) I see it as "permanent" inspiration."

Tell us some about how you got into sound engineering and producing!

I first got into engineering when I got to college, Norfolk State University in Norfolk Virginia. There were 2 recording studios on campus (Studio A, Studio B), and at the time only the upperclassmen were allowed to use Studio A. As a freshman, I made it a mission to become apart of the Studio A environment by forming bonds and building relationships with the current engineers there. Eventually, I was able to use Studio A which started the enhancement of my engineering and production skills.

You spent time working alongside the late Heavy D right?!

After I graduated from Norfolk State University, I joined one of my friends, a fellow songwriter, to a series of recording sessions in New York City at Daddy's House Recording Studio (Bad Boy) for the Late, Great Heavy D. It was here that I first got a glance at what a true songwriting camp session looked like! There were songwriters and producers everywhere, from all over the country. During this time, Heavy D gave me some of the best advice that I could've received, saying to "write what you feel, your first instinct is your best one." This would something that I carry with me still to this day!

What’s your songwriting process?

My songwriting process can vary lol! It really depends on the day, my mood, if I had lunch that day, etc! Typically I would be watching a movie, and out of nowhere I would get an idea for a melody. I would then record it on my audio recorder (not voice notes lol! Yes I have an ANDROID PHONE LOL! Anyway, I would save these melody ideas in my phone, and then once I get to the studio I would go through them and start writing lyrics to the one's that stuck out to me the best. Usually I would have a beat already made for it, but sometimes I would build the beat around whatever I wrote.

What’s a typical day in the studio look like for you?

A typical day in the studio for me is nothing typical at all! I enjoy recording at night, and being here in New York City, the lights inspire me a lot and it sets the overall mood of the recording session. Before I record anything, I sit and listen to the beat over and over again to make sure everything lines up lyrically (lyric rhythm, rhyme scheme, chorus form, etc). Once I have a solid roadmap for the song, I then start the recording of my vocals. Then depending on the course of the song, I may add background vocals, and any other elements that I think would be a good fit for the song.

What can we expect for the rest of the year from Onzieb?

MORE AWESOME MUSIC! Lol. I will definitely continue to spread “Beautiful” to all parts of the globe. We’re also releasing the visual concept for Beautiful as well, which will give my audience an in-depth look into what is “seen” behind the lyrics. I also will be releasing a summer-time anthem titled “The Cool Song” in June, and that will be THE song of the summer!

What’s the meaning behind your upcoming track "Beautiful" featuring KItty J?

When I wrote this particular song, I kept thinking about the true meaning of the word beautiful. As individuals, we see beautiful things all of the time, whether outside, driving somewhere and seeing the sunset, one of your friends creates a design, OR for me, something that is Beautiful is being able to share a piece of yourself with someone you care about. For me, I haven’t always been so eager to open up to people, and this song helped me to see not only why I felt that way, but to also remind me that it’s ok to let people into my world!

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