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Interview with UK singer-songwriting sensation Dylan Walker

Dylan Walker is a 25 year old singer-songwriter from Surrey, UK. Last Friday (19th Mar 2021) he released his debut single 'All I Need Is You' on all streaming platforms.

So, tell us about your new single…

My debut single ‘All I Need Is You’, is very personal to me. I started writing it last year when I was in a bad place and I finished it earlier this year, in a better place, since over coming most of the struggles. I wrote it for my mum, and it’s all about coming to a realisation of what is truly important in life, and whats not. Last year I could have had all of the money and fame in the world, but it wasn't what I needed. I needed my mum - and she was there for me, like she always has been - and always will be.

What best defines your childhood life?

One word - Tennis. Childhood from as early as age 3 up until 16 for me was eat, sleep and tennis. My dad was a former ex professional tennis player too, who’s claim to fame is boasting a win over former world number 4 Tim Henman. After his career ended over an injury, I think his new dream became living his tennis career through me - so I just followed in his footsteps. I’d train 6 days a week, before, during and after school sometimes - and spent most weekends on the road with him travelling playing tournaments.

You have just told me that tennis defines your early life. Do you have any regrets quitting tennis?

I think you only regret the things you didn't do in this life, and I did ‘do’ tennis - I gave it a shot - it didn't work out, but I’ll never regret trying. And, in a funny way, I’m almost glad it didn't - as it allowed me to find and develop my deep passion for music and kick-start my career in music. And, I wouldn't change that for the world. Tennis also taught me a lot of great disciplines, but mainly that success only comes from hard work - its earned. That was a good lesson to learn early on in life.

Also between Spain and England where did you enjoy living the most?

That's a tough one, because I love both. England's great, I just wish it was warmer. But, despite the cold I’d have to say England still as it’s where I’m from, where my friends and family are, and it’s where most of my special memories growing up took place.

How have you developed your career from Tennis to Music?

Well music has always been there for me alongside my tennis, helping me through the struggles, the pressure, the winning and the losing. It was also my best friend on the road - with all the time I spent travelling, especially alone, music kept me company. I’ve always loved music. I used to play the drums at school and have played the guitar for a long time, so I think it was a natural progression for me. I put the racket down, and picked the guitar up. And, with my tennis attitude and hard working discipline I got stuck in - and here we are.

What is your next plan?

Well, as I said earlier, my new single ‘All I Need Is You’ just came out, so I’ll be promoting that as much as I can. And then it’ll be back in the studio to work on my next 2 singles which I’ve written, ‘Life Began With You’ and ‘We Are Meant To Be’. Which, I can’t wait for you to hear. They’ll be coming out in May and June hopefully.

Dylan, thank you so much for your participation, it's been an absolute pleasure chatting to you today.

To find out out more about Dylan and his music, visit -

Listen to 'All I Need Is You' here on all platforms -

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