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Introducing YOUANDI's Mesmerizing New Album 'i said to me'

Amsterdam-based singer and songwriter, YOUANDI, has recently unveiled her highly anticipated debut album, 'isaidtome', and it's a musical journey you won't want to miss. With a unique blend of R&B, Neo-Soul, and Trip-hop, YOUANDI's sonic textures create a captivating and soulful experience throughout the entire album.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, YOUANDI's music reflects her diverse heritage, drawing inspiration from South America to Europe. This fusion of cultures, sounds, and influences is evident in her elegant and personal songwriting style. The album effortlessly weaves together vibrant yet understated melodies, creating a mystical atmosphere that enchants the listener.

The album's lead single, 'easy', exemplifies the captivating soundscapes found throughout 'i said to me'. The song combines boxy beats, twinkling electronics, and subtle guitar lines, all beautifully complemented by YOUANDI's vocals. The track also features a guest performance from A2, adding another layer of depth to the composition.

When asked about the album, YOUANDI shares her perspective: "Imagine stepping into my mind through this album. It's a journey into the conversations and perspectives that exist within my own consciousness. It's a meeting point between my ego and the depths of my unconscious mind, where inspiration and insight collide.". She goes on to explain how the music she has written has become a source of profound teachings, sometimes causing her to question herself and the nature of things. The producers of the album have created a home for these conversations, allowing them to unfold in the most pure and honest way.

Since her debut in 2018, YOUANDI has been steadily releasing singles, gaining recognition and support from tastemakers in the industry. With the release of 'isaidtome', her artistry reaches new heights as she delivers a collection of songs that showcase her talent, creativity, and unique perspective.

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