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Ione Runs R&B Revival With Upcoming EP ‘The Tide Is Changing’

Ione is the up and coming artists making waves in the modern musical landscape right now. With her utterly incredible vocal ability and throwback feel hits, Ione is bursting onto the scene with all the brilliance of an artist in their prime. No rookie to the music scene, Ione has been living and breathing music for more of her life; having performed with the likes of GORILLAZ, Foals, Adam Green and being a staple in the cast in one of the longest-running shows on the West End, Thriller Live. Utilising every inch of her extensive experience, this translates into her art.

‘The Tide Is Changing’ is the latest addition to Ione’s ever-evolving musical repertoire. With three tracks swimming with a vintage R&B throwback feel, Ione latest EP is an absolute breakthrough body of work. Whilst acknowledging R&B traditions before her, Ione expands our understanding of the genre to carve a space perfectly suited for such a formidable female force. The title track ‘The Tide Is Changing’ kicks off this EP with a captivating and catchy R&B ballad. The soundscape is sculpted with subtle lo-fi hints, slapping drum breaks and sweeping synths so perfectly suited to Ione’s vocals you’d think they were made just for her. With over thirteen thousand streams on the middle track ‘Loved By You’ already filling up Ione’s Spotify feed, it’s evident that Ione open, honest and utterly relatable lyricism is hitting home in headphones all over.

‘Run Away’ concludes ‘The Tide Is Changing’ with a vibrant vintage atmosphere. Oozing an eighties energy, Ione once again demonstrates the incredible vocal ability that launches her into the universe of stars before her. So, as we ease ourselves into a (hopefully) better new year, let Ione colour your days with her new EP on its release on the 29th January, as both ours and Ione’s tides begin to change.


Listen to Ione’s latest single ‘Loved By You’ on SPOTIFY NOW

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