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Irish Multi-Instrumental Act EHCO Brings Good Vibes With Latest Remix Of Liza Flume’s Classic

Irish multi-instrumental act EHCO is bringing all the good vibes with its latest remix of Liza Flume’s classic, When We Were Kids.

It’s a bold venture delving into the world of remixes, and it is seldom done with the right tone, vision and approach.

Yet, EHCO has proven that a remix can sound better than the original with this brand new track.

Eoin Whitfield, the brains behind the projects, lays down some phat synths and beats to help transform the song from a melancholic, laid-back track to an energetic and all-encompassing mix.

When We Were Kids incorporates a colourful blend of synth mixes along with a thumping back beat that is characteristic of EHCO.

While EHCO’s remix can be considered a song of its own, the ethereal string that attaches it to the Flume’s original mix is evident throughout, bringing fans from both camps together in a glorified music experience.

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