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Jaïr Faria's New Single 'Do Better' Is A Heartfelt Anthem for Moving On

Jaïr Faria continues to carve his niche in the music world with his latest single, ‘Do Better’. Known for his eclectic mix of pop, neo-soul, and indie rock, Jaïr's sound is a refreshing blend that captivates and resonates.

Jaïr’s musical journey started young, featuring on the Dutch track ‘Terug Naar Nu’ at just 15, alongside his father, Glen Faria. This early collaboration set the stage for a promising career. By 2021, Jaïr made a significant solo debut with ‘Valentine’, produced with ADA Benelux, solidifying his unique sound.

Partnering with MOJO, Jaïr has opened for various events and supported international artists. His participation in the Mentos Grote Prijs van Nederland and the viral success of his music video ‘Why Me’ on TikTok, nearing 900K views, showcase his growing influence.

Co-written with Morgan Avenue, Jheynner Argote, and his father, his newest single ‘Do Better’ was born in just 30 minutes in the studio. The song tackles the struggle of moving on from a relationship, portraying the emotional tug-of-war when encountering an ex. Featuring guitar, keys, drums, and bass, the track highlights Jaïr’s exceptional vocals and distinct sound.

"As a young queer black artist, my music always revolves around young queer love and how it can be both beautiful and painful," Jaïr shares. ‘Do Better’ is all about blending catchy pop melodies with the bittersweet experiences of tragic young love.


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