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James Millier Delights With Candid Upcoming Track ‘Brighter Day’

James Millier turns to his first musical love - country music - as inspiration for latest single ‘Brighter Day’, which is set to be released on July 2nd.

Whilst past releases felt a little more pop, the songwriting and production on this one show James in a more mature light. That’s not to say that James doesn’t love working across other musical genres, or that he isn’t proud of the stunning tracks he has released prior to now. One thing’s clear though - James Millier has made a decision to go down a musical route which just feels a little more ‘him’. With shades of country and traditional singer-songwriter roots, the track was penned with highly acclaimed Nashville songwriter Trey Bruce.

The overall message for ‘Brighter Day’ is very touching, and suggests that sometimes in life, even those experiences which are short-lived and don’t last forever - in this case, a relationship - can make you stronger. Some of the lyrics go:

“I smile for what you did / Your left more of me than what you found me with / All in all I’m better blessed / Grateful that you existed in my life / Cause everyday gets a little better / Even though we didn’t last forever / You took me by the hand and made me a better man.”

‘Brighter Day’ by James Millier will be released this July 2nd. You can pre-save the track here, and we encourage downloads on iTunes. Let’s help James crack the charts again, like he did with his Christmas charity single which featured in the official UK top 100 download charts!

Pre-save ‘Brighter Day’:

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