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Jay Moussa-Mann is back with a stand-out new track: American Tennessee

What is it that makes alt-rock and country so special and endearing, even decades after this genre fully established itself with mainstream audiences? For one thing, the energy is truly priceless. A great song in this genre can lift the spirits, and it can inspire people to feel more energised and connected with themselves and others. This kind of positive vibe is exactly what you can expect from Jay Moussa-Mann’s most recent song, American Tennessee.

This release is not just a great example of amazing modern production, with all the qualities described earlier. It is also a really great blend of various other influences, such as rock and country. Because of this incredibly mercurial approach, Jay Moussa-Mann’s music might remind you of great indie-folk songwriting, with a more polished pop-friendly edge. American Tennessee is an outstanding release that will undoubtedly stand the test of time, and it feels like a great launchpad for the artist to widen her audience and expose her music to a whole new set of listeners.

Find out more about Jay Moussa-Mann, and listen to American Tennessee. This release is available now on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify:

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