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Jay Moussa-Mann releases powerful breakup single 'What Makes You Think’

Jay Moussa-Mann is set to release her latest single ‘What Makes You Think’, a track that will be featured on her album ‘The Breakup Album’ which is to be released later this year, and we cannot wait! For now, this new single will have you musing...

With its wistful look at a broken-down relationship, ‘What Makes You Think’ carries the weight of a shattered relationship, either with somebody or further than that, with the whole world itself. Particularly during such a challenging 2020, the song helps make sense of emotions we are probably all feeling to some extent, as much as for us the listener as for Jay the writer.

With this track, Jay draws on American 90s alt rock. The guitar based melody is lifted by stripped-back strings, accompanied by a tinkling piano. Jay impresses with poetry like lyrics that twist themselves around vague shock and profound sadness.

The songwriter draws her songs from multiple sources and her creativity expands beyond music-making. Jay is a talented filmmaker, short story writer and all-round creative, with a brilliant Youtube channel - and she even creates her own merch (see below!) Her music has previously been played on BBC Introducing, BBC Radio 6 and BBC Tees, where she has also performed live sessions. She released her debut album ‘Little Deaths’ in 2019 and has ever since performed at numerous festivals such as Twisterella Festival, The Waiting Room and Middlesbrough Mela. Right now, Jay is working on the upcoming album and releasing a string of singles going forward into the summer.

Jay getting creative making her own cute merch:

Jay's single ‘What Makes You Think’ is out Friday 12th February 2021!

Make sure to subscribe to Jay's Youtube channel right HERE and follow her on Instagram HERE


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