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Jazz Horizons: Le Sonic feat. Robert Lee Release 'Any Moment'

Be transported to a sleek jazz soundscape with glorious new single 'Any Moment' from Le Sonic feat. Robert Lee...

Welcome to the musical world of Le Sonic. Their debut release 'Any Moment' is a smooth jazz track and your introduction to this exciting project. It features Robert Lee aka Bobby Balderrama. Also performing on the record are Special Guest Artists Dennis Collins, Jim Hynes, and Frank Rodriguez.

'Any Moment' is a melodious and nostalgic track, rich with vocal and musical textures. Beautiful guitar work, piano and brass. A song to savour, this track is sure to warm your heart. It is clear that this is the work of seasoned musicians, and indeed, this song takes a collaborative approach to music-making.

"'Any Moment' is that spark of creativity in jazz improvisation, or any true art form, that is spontaneous and naturally intersects with the highest level of spirituality. It’s always a cosmic puzzle as to how it occurs, but the hope is that the following moment can benefit all women and mankind." - Le Sonic

Listen to 'Any Moment' below:

For more info head to:


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