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Jem Releases Spellbinding Single 'Lost'

I always felt I was different. I didn’t fit anywhere. And to be fair, I never bothered to be a perfect fit for anyone or anything. Over the course, music happened to be a lens for me to share my alienation.” - JEM

It’s clear that Jem is not here simply to create music; with every release he dives even deeper within himself, each time returning with a new world to bring to the surface. His unique blend of alternative rock has effortlessly evolved with his second cinematic single ‘Lost’. The completely consumptive and utterly alluring atmosphere of his sound is spellbinding, as this recent release follows on from his November 2021 release ‘Secrets’ which marked his rare and artistically bold debut.

Often writing from the perspective of another and having drawn inspiration from the incredibly moving BAFTA and Academy Award winning film, The Pianist, ‘Lost’ explores the concept of a dystopian world of a man who lost it all. Referred to as the 'negative realm' by the artist, Jem shares,

'The desperation I've felt while watching the Pianist stuck with me until recent years, so I've started journaling, and the sentiments I've felt became real within this song.''

The religious realms that the video explores puts a lot of power into the haunting ballad feel of 'Lost'. The thick layers of emotion that swim through his vocals are outstanding as they swim within the gentle tides of the Oud. His tone effortlessly eases itself between the intimate and the empowered as Jem both commands and is carried by the current of this track. It’s no hard task to get sucked into the mesmerising musicality that Jem uses to manipulate each melody. The subtle, breath-infused vibrato that punctuates the occasional refrain is utter ear candy. Layers of undulating electric guitars wash over the soundscape, creating a captivating backdrop for Jem’s melismatic vocals to cut through. Once the drums and guitars erupt into the sonic atmosphere, you’d think the crescendo of the track had hit you. Yet, there’s a gradual climax that continues to climb. The intensity is so subtly built. It’s in no way empowering, but gradually creeps in like a shoreline which once was in the distance that is suddenly lapping at your toes. The cathartic release in this track is a testament to Jem’s clearly innate understanding of the power of music. This is a track to blast loud in a quiet moment, and allow the overwhelming emotion of the song to carry you into realms unknown.

This is an artist that is unafraid to visit places and play with intonations that may be unfamiliar, unusual or even uncomfortable for some. Jem is unapologetic in his authenticity and therein lies the true definition of an artist, one Jem lives and breathes.


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Lost Will Be Released on 11TH March 2022


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