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John O'Brien Drops Memorable New Song 'The Spider's Love Web'

John O'Brien has recently released his latest single 'The Spider's Love Web' (this April). It's an absolute joy of a track to listen to and is an absolute must-listen for any lover of classic rock with excellent songwriting.

A Producer, Performer, Recording Artist and Songwriter, O'Brien is no newbie to the music industry and this skill truly shines through on this record.

This track features killer guitar and powerful lead vocal and rich backing vocals in the style of a choir. We can hear the organ doing it's thing while the drum beat is the glue that gives this song it's driving force. We love the honky tonky additions and the catchy melodies intertwining. The chorus is stand-out and will have you returning to hear it over and over! A song about a deathly temptress who weaves her prey into her web so he is entangled and captured, this track takes for it's setting a sultry night where all is not what it seems... Beware!

With over 80,000 streams and counting on Spotify, it's safe to say that this song is going down a treat. Listeners will be as entranced by the music as the male speaker is by his spider woman.

John O'Brien's current performing act, J.O.B.E. - The John O’Brien Experience, is currently in the studio recording a full length album to be released in May 2022. That LP will be paired with a 6-city UK tour in July 2022! How exciting! You can find out more here:

Make sure to follow the artist on Instagram HERE and listen to the track below:

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