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Jordan Dean Releases Hypnotic New EP 'Local'

Cleveland based artist Jordan Dean releases hypnotic new EP, ‘Local’. Paying ode to influences such as Jamie T, The Kooks and Arctic Monkeys to name a few, Jordan is entirely original and someone who could be a household name in a matter of months. “Local” showcases Jordan’s distinctive indie-pop side with a tinge of lo-fi garage in the mix too.

Chatting about his influences, Jordan mentions, “When I first started songwriting, I really wanted to be able to control a room with just an acoustic guitar. However, as I got older and started hanging around local music venues, meeting other musicians, and coming to appreciate great bands, I shifted my focus to sound more like the bands that I fell in love with so much. I pull from a lot of different influences and styles.

I’m a huge fan of the post-punk revival bands like the Strokes, the Libertines, and Arctic Monkeys and have seemed to lean more heavily on those influences for my latest material as I always find myself coming back to those recordings and not getting bored of them. After chasing it for most of my teenage years, I think, working with a talented producer such as Tone Def, I’ve finally began to settle in to finding my own sound and putting music out that reflects my broad range of influences.”

Wanting the EP to feature a full sound, Jordan added this on the EP, “I told my producer that I wanted to sound like a four-piece band that packed a 300-person venue and I feel like we accomplished that on the Local EP. We said it in the studio that this EP feels like a 30-minute set that you would see in a small venue. packed with people who really want to be there.”


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