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Josef Scott's new track 'Summer Dopamine' is A Melodic Journey Back to Warmth and Euphoria

Auckland-born artist Josef Scott has just unveiled his latest musical masterpiece, 'Summer Dopamine,' inviting listeners on a captivating journey back to the magic of summertime. The single, now available for streaming, boasts infectious soulful rhythms and catchy hooks that transcend borders, making it a universal anthem for those yearning to escape into the warmth of summer.

'Summer Dopamine' serves as a musical reflection of Josef Scott's experiences. Born out of his first winter in Boston, Josef found himself longing for the warmth of his homeland, New Zealand. The song encapsulates the euphoria we feel for summer and the fleeting romances that come and go during those sun-soaked months.

Josef Scott shares the inspiration behind the track, saying, "Come April, I'd almost forgotten what it was like to feel warm outside. As I found myself here for the foreseeable future, I began reminiscing on my fondest memories from New Zealand. I wanted to create a song that captures the magic of summer and the fleeting romances that come and go."

The cover art for 'Summer Dopamine' holds a story of its own. A picture taken on Josef's way back to his apartment, it captures the moment when winter was giving way to spring. The image features sunlight pouring against the top of a building, seagulls airborne in the wind, and an overall sense of anticipation for the upcoming summer. It perfectly encapsulates the essence of the track.



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