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Joshy Connor's Releases Genre-Defying Album 'Love Unknown'

London’s own Joshy Connor has been releasing music for over ten years. With two albums, four EPs, and a sprinkling of folk-infused singles, Joshy Connor has been expanding his diverse repertoire for a while. Yet his recently released album, ‘Love Unknown’ feels like a new chapter for the seasoned singer-songwriter. What began as a collection of poems, penned throughout Joshy’s recent release hiatus, now is offered to the world as an eleven-track album, weaving through themes of love, loss, and family life. 

“I found myself unexpectedly writing and recording an album. Amidst the busyness of life— managing a small business, fatherhood, and all that entails—I have struggled to find time for songwriting over the past few years but started to read a lot and try to write, poetry instead, which I could do in any moments that I had spare.” — Joshy Connor 

Released just this week, ‘Love Unknown’ is kickstarting Joshy Connor’s comeback to the music scene. With the aid of producer and multi-instrumentalist Murillo Sguillaro (The LABRIT Project, Alice SK, The Beatflux) and The Nix’s own Seb Kellig, Joshy Connor sculpted an album centred on the beauty of simplicity. Throughout the whole album, he fuses his eclectic music influences into songs impossible to box into one genre. ‘Truth’ is a standout for this, with complex percussion and electronic elements laying the tracks’ foundation as folky guitar and vocal melodies float over the top. ‘Lighthouse’ is another standout song, with Joshy Connor’s neo-soul inspiration rising to the surface. There’s an R&B air in the syncopated rhythms and swelling sub-bass that bounces in and out of the guitar lines. Joshy Connor’s vocals are great, with a subtle effect laid over his vocal melodies.

Another incredible vocal performance from Joshy is the track ‘I Have Waited’. Joshy Connor’s folk roots shine through in this song. His tone is captivatingly warm, as he sings nostalgically classic melodies in the emotive verses and catchy chorus. Throughout the album, there’s a feeling of honesty and openness. It’s clear that Joshy Connor is telling his truth and sharing his story through a beautifully crafted tapestry of songs. Speaking on the creation of the album Joshy Connor shares, 

“My motivation for making music remains rooted in my deep love for it. This album draws on a diverse range of influences, including folk, jazz, electronic, and neo-soul. Each track, I hope, brings something different whilst being centred around memorable tunes and intricate guitar parts. During the writing process, I aimed for simplicity, clarity, and minimal production, which presented its own enjoyable challenges.”

Listen to Love Unknown on SPOTIFY HERE | APPLE MUSIC

Check our Joshy Connor on INSTAGRAM HERE


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