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Justin Bigart Takes Listeners on a Soulful Journey with His Latest Single 'Atmosphere'

Justin Bigart takes listeners on a profound journey with his latest single, 'Atmosphere,' extracted from his highly anticipated concept album, 'Pretty Dopamine Bullets.' This groundbreaking album transcends traditional boundaries, offering a unique audiovisual experience that delves into the complexities of human emotion and societal issues.

 'Atmosphere' serves as the sixth installment of 'Pretty Dopamine Bullets,' each release labeled as a 'chapter' within the album. With a thematic focus on the prevalence of 'cheap dopamine' in society, Bigart's album offers introspective reflections that resonate deeply with listeners. In 'Atmosphere,' Bigart skillfully blends elements of alt-rock, Americana, and desert rock, creating a sonic landscape that is both expansive and haunting. His emotive lyricism invites listeners to look inward and surrender to the world around them, urging them to embrace vulnerability and self-discovery.

'Atmosphere' acts as an invitation to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and introspection. Justin Bigart's innovative approach to music and storytelling sets him apart as an artist to watch, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating the next chapter in his musical evolution.


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