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K0bit0 Drops Refreshingly Unique Hip-hop Track 'Clutch'

Kobito has released his single of the year 'Clutch'. This talented artist has been making music for 3 years now, he has Collabs with Haarper, Doddy Gatz and an unreleased song with Project Pat. His main sound is underground phonk, but he has many different styles. Join us as we take a listen to this brilliant new track...

The track opens with a sample from Vivaldi's breath-taking 'Four Seasons', so we know we're in for something unique here. Before you know it, the track has evolved into a badass beat with a booming 808 bassline and killer rap topline. We love the unapologetic tone of this song, with its feel-good melody, complete with attitude-drenched and cheeky lyrics. If you haven't yet heard of K0bit0 you've been missing out because this is a hiphop artist making waves and going against the grain - doing things differently from the crowd. This is a refreshingly different slice of hiphop that you must listen to for yourself!

Stream 'Clutch' here and experience the magic for yourself...


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