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Kali Indiana Releases New Single 'Probably Not'

Kali Indiana’s single, “Probably Not,” is “a love letter to strong women – a manifesto for ladies who just want to be left alone to have a drink,” says the artist. You might call it an exclamation point on the

‘me too’ movement. Women aren’t prey for horny guys on the hunt. No, sometimes they just want to be left alone. This song’s lyric states what a lot of women probably think, but never say out loud.

The track is a slow country song, constructed with gentle electric guitar, bass and drums. It also features fiddle, which gives the recording that extra country touch. Some of the song’s words are especially effective. “Now you’ve been drinkin’,” she says to this hopeless flirter, “Yeah, that’ll do the trick,” she sarcastically observes. This last line Indiana drives home with a sardonic tone. It’s sung from the perspective of a barroom observer. It’s also sung by someone who has been in this poor woman’s shoes.

The chorus states, “Maybe she likes you, but probably not.” Yes, the guy has a chance, but that chance is slim. Indiana, our narrator, has likely been in this exact same situation more than once. She’s a pretty woman who is also highly educated, however. Although she’s pursuing a music career, she also has a law degree and has worked in business for a decade. She also writes her own music. One suspects that any guy that would try to use cliched pick up lines on this smart woman is in for a big surprise and most certainly has another thing coming.

Indiana begins by stating, “I know what you’re thinkin’,” while watching this guy. She sings the words she wishes she could tell this poor fella. Then again, this type if person likely doesn’t take advice well. She might be able to save the man a lot of trouble and embarrassment, but he’s likely destined for failure. Nobody will dissuade this determined individual.

Dating can be brutal, both for the men and the women. Men usually make the first move, playing offense, whereas the women are forced to play defense. The ‘no means no’ rule is one society really needs to embrace and apply. A women shouldn’t have to fend off an unwanted man’s

advances. Although this is the right rule, the scene created in “Probably Not” works against this rule being successful. The guy in it has been drinking, and likely drinking a lot. That means he’s loosened

his inhibitions. He’s not going to be a good listener, and he may not even understand that the lady is resisting his advances.

This song is also a response to the ugly bro country movement. Bro country is a male-centric country style where women are more often than not treated like sex objects. Indiana’s character is definitely not

that. However, it’s a message many males need to hear. These bro country songs teach men to go after women like hunters going in for the kill. Whatever happened to just talking to a female? Just having a

conversation with a woman. Why is sex always the end goal for many men? Well, at least in one song, the sex probably ain’t gonna happen.

-Dan MacIntosh


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