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Karma's Tea Deliver Sultry Jazz-Funk Fusion With Latest Single

Karma’s Tea brings a smooth and sultry jazz-funk fusion to the table, with their new single ‘What Do You Do’. Clearly, the product of a musical prowess other bands can only envy; this track is seamlessly chic in every sense of the word. ‘What Do You Do’ is the song we’ve been searching for to help lift our lockdown blues.

Singer-songwriter Mystina of Karma's Tea

The brainchild of Mike Desroches (keyboards) and singer-songwriter Mystina, Karma’s Tea, is a jazz/pop band fused with the sultry sounds of contemporary jazz and a touch of R&B. Mike has fronted an impressive Chick Corea Fusion band in New York and toured nationally in bands including the Skynyrd Legends Tour. In ‘What Do You Do’, we hear Mike’s jazz sensibilities take on a new R&B-tinged direction. Luscious pitch-warped synth textures start off the track before reappearing for the song’s killer chorus, creating an ethereal atmosphere that makes us want to put on our dancing shoes. Jazz keys guide the song’s melodies throughout, as a touch of trumpet and guitar join in here and there, adding sophisticated punch to the track. The song has such an air of class that could only be the product of incredibly adept musicians, flawlessly blending together genres whilst also delivering something that we haven’t heard before.

With an incredible tone and vocal range, singer-songwriter Mystina’s voice is gentle enough on the ears that we could listen to her all day long, yet also powerful enough to portray a message of strength. Her vocal melodies take influence from the likes of Janelle Monae, Earth, Wind and Fire and Michael Jackson. In fact, Mystina graced the stage with Jackson at Webster Hall in 2002. This is a singer-songwriter who brings her experience to Karma’s Tea, and who has a unique talent for creating effortless mood through her voice.

‘What Do You Do’ is a rare gem to find in today’s market, where songs can often sound over-calculated or over-produced. This feels like a song that could only be written by master musicians and songwriters, who have a flare for music in it’s purest form. The song has our attention from start to finish, as we move with the ebb and flow of its insatiable groove and melodies. Moreover, to create something fresh, yet so timeless is a skill not many can achieve.

Several new songs from Karma’s Tea are on their way. These songs feature Nat Townsley (drums), who has recorded and toured with Mariah Carey, Donnie McClurkin, and many more; Ryan Waters (guitar), who has worked with Sade, Prince, Heart, and Liv Warfield; and veteran bassman Lenny Rocillo, who has collaborated with Bonnie Tyler and other notable acts.

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