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Kevynn Hudsonn Releases New Single: Her Number

You are in for a treat on the 4th of February when singer-songwriter Kevynn Hudsonn, releases his new single, Her Number, following on from his previous release, Trust In Me.

A real light-hearted, delightful, happy-go-lucky vibe, Her Number is the perfect song to put on after long day at work. The track is a perfect blend of multiple different genres – creating the most chilled yet get up and dance (just while you're cooking dinner) kind of track. Serving hip-hop beats with a syncopated reggae rhythm, Her Number gets you two-stepping straight away.

Not to mention its catchy vocal line and melody as Hudsonn sings:

‘Her number is 718252’.

Straight away, even on the first time listening, you pick up the hand signals as Kevynn calls out the number – 728252. Every so often, throughout the wonderful four-and-a-half-minute track, your ears are blessed with subtle horns, that have made its way into the production. The echoing vocals in the bridge break the song down before leading effortlessly into the final hook.

Proving that even with simple lyrics that tell a short story, Hudsonn shows you can make a song SO GOOD, when the production is spot on and offers new dynamics throughout.

To listen to the track yourself, you can listen on Spotify from the 4th of February.

Follow Kevynn Hudsonn on his relevant social media platforms, here.


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